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Blades Carl

Carl Blades was born in the North of England in 1989. He was first introduced to music by his father, a classical guitar teacher, and went on to study a variety of instruments including piano and percussion. Carl began composing at secondary school and mostly wrote chamber music for himself and other pupils to play. Upon entering college, Carl joined the local Music Centre, playing percussion and bass guitar in the Youth Concert Band, Orchestra and Swing Band. Participating in these groups allowed Carl to gain experience playing in band tours across Europe on several occasions; Black Forest, Germany and also northern France. Through studies with his percussion teacher, Carl joined and has played in championship competitions for Hatfield Colliery Band, a local brass band, numerous times. It is while in these bands that he started writing music for larger ensembles such as wind and brass band. Carl has experience performing with the pit band for his local theatre club, playing multiple instruments and arranging music for the band. He has also continually played for local ensembles, rock bands and school theatre productions. In 2013 Carl graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a first class BMus degree and hopes to continue his studies with a Master‘s in film scoring, eventually writing for film as a full time occupation.


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