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Nic Mills

Nic Mills was born in Nottingham, England in 1991. When he was two, his family moved to Plymouth in the South West of England. Nic learned to play the flute at primary school and piano at secondary school. In 2006, while at secondary school, Nic took up composition as part of his GCSE music. Nic is mostly a self-taught composer with some tuition from his music teacher, Pete Twyman (an ex-royal marine). Nic began playing with the local youth ensembles, which included a wind band, youth orchestra and a big band. Here, he got to write many pieces for the bands to play through and towards his final years at school, some pieces were played at concerts in Plymouth. In 2008, Nic entered the South West Young Composer of the Year Award (England). This competition consisted of writing a piece in reaction to watching a film about a disastrous flood of a Devon village called Boscastle. Nic won this competition and with the prize money went on a composition course weekend at the Royal Academy of Music that summer. In 2009, Nic began to learn to play percussion at a summer music school in Plymouth and carried on when he went to University in 2009. Nic now studies a BMus music degree at the University of Huddersfield. Nic also plays percussion with the Diggle Brass Band under the leadership of the great cornet player Mr James Shepherd. James Shepherd has taken an interest in Nic’s compositional skills and has played through many of his new compositions, giving him feedback. Also, in December 2009, James Shepherd conducted the world premiere of Nic’s brass band piece called ‘Christmas’ with Elland Silver Band, to great acclaim. After finishing his studies at Huddersfield University, Nic would like to go on to do a Masters in composition at one of the music colleges in the UK.


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