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“Messanoia”, based on the Greek word “Metanoia”, meaning change of mind.

This method is designed to help your ensemble develop a sense of togetherness in the way they respond to the music they see in front of them. It will help them cultivate a kind of hive mindset; thinking as one.

By using this book during the first five to ten minutes of your rehearsal, you will increase the productivity and improve your ensemble’s ability to respond to visual stimulus from the written music and from the conductor’s gestures.

The method is divided into five parts, enabling you to focus on specific areas of the ensemble’s techniques.



Sound, Intonation & Dynamic Control


Improving Focus

Improving Rhythm

The Last Chord

The method contains:

40 pages

79 different exercises

30 specially arranged hymn tunes

(incl. conductor score and full set of parts)


A small selection of the workbook, of the score and of the individual parts.


I have developed this method over many years of conducting all kinds of ensembles, in many different countries around the world. It has helped me win over 50 competitions, including 14 National Brass Band titles.

Using this method has always resulted in significant improvements in ensemble playing. I would like to wish every Conductor success instilling this method into your group. I hope it will help release your mind, enabling you to achieve a new level of music making for both your ensemble and your audience.

Russell Gray, 2019

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