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  • WARP

    composer: Künzli Fabian
    duration: 10:20 min.
    size: Large Format (A4 portrait)
    classification: Swiss Band Association 2nd section
    difficulty level: 4
    • Original Works & Contest Pieces
    year of publication: 2016
    price:    V
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    A single melodic theme forms the backbone of this composition. The title “Warp” implies transformation
    and distortion, and suggests in which ways the piece wants to affect the listeners’ perception. Through
    repetition, longer fields of steady pulse, and emphases, patterns form and are being strengthened, only
    to be broken or to be put into new context. The listener is being forced to a change in perspectives:
    rhythmic patterns, motifs, gestures, and harmonies will suddenly be heard differently than before.
    Commissioned by the Zurich Wind Association (Zürcher Blasmusikverband)
    as part of the “Young Edition” series

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